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Flag football is one of the fastest growing youth sports, currently on its way to becoming a college sanctioned sport. Tackle football fields over 1 million high school student-athletes each year. No matter which way you look at it, our love for football runs deep.
While extensive research is being conducted to better understand football safety, it’s still a game that comes with many physical and emotional benefits. Need proof? Here are five great benefits for kids who play football:   
1. Health benefits: Football is a fast moving game with a lot of variety. Players run, jump, quickly change direction, and stop and start, which improves cardiovascular health. Practice drills, complex running routes and defensive techniques all encourage speed, strength, and stamina. And these activities also engage motor skills, specifically hand and eye coordination. Plus, a recent study found that playing football has positive effects on bone strength.   
2. Teamwork: Youth football teaches kids accountability, leadership, and the impact of positive sportsmanship. Every position has a purpose and to execute a play successfully, each individual needs to fulfill their responsibility, while working together—a skill that’s valuable both on and off the field.
3. Discipline: Learning routes, repetitive drills, and executing proper technique take a high level of discipline—and football players do it time and time again. Each practice is laying the foundation for a strong work ethic that kids will use throughout their lives. And this is one of the biggest benefits of football.   
4. Mental toughness: Sports are a great platform to build mental toughness. Whether it’s making a mistake on the field or needing to comeback from a major upset, setbacks are bound to happen. And to move forward, players must learn how to persevere. Football provides a lot of opportunities to improve mental toughness, from remaining calm under pressure to focusing during chaotic situations.     
5. Socialization: Football teaches kids how to effectively communicate and work well with others. After all, one player can’t do everything. They rely on each other—what a better way to make long-lasting friendships? Layer this with learning to respect and receive direction from authority (aka coaches) and you have a range of socialization skills.

Here’s a list of basic flag football rules: 
All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage

Only direct handoffs are permitted—there are no laterals or pitches anywhere on the field 

The quarterback has seven-second pass clock to get rid of the ball

The quarterback can’t run with the ball unless it was handed off first

Offensive players must steer clear of the rusher and may not get in his/her way

Any defensive player lined up seven yards off the line of scrimmage is eligible to rush

If the ball is handed off, any defender may rush

Interceptions are returnable (even on extra point attempts)

The ball is dead when it hits the ground, the offensive player’s flag is pulled from their belt, the ball-carrier steps out of bounds, or the ball-carrier’s body—outside of their hands or feet—touches the ground

All offensive flag football penalties result in a loss of down and yardage

All defensive flag football penalties result in an automatic first down and some are associated with yardage
For a complete list of flag football rules, download the NFL FLAG Football Rule Book.
NFL FLAG football is a non-contact sport. There’s no tackling, diving, blocking, screening or fumbles.

Returning Players

Registration closes on 09/04/2021 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 09/05/2021 to 10/03/2021

General Registration 7-16 Yr olds

Registration closes on 09/04/2021 at 12:00 PM
Season Dates: 09/05/2021 to 10/03/2021
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Girls Division

Registration closes on 09/04/2021 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 09/05/2021 to 10/03/2021

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Female Flag League

"The expansion of women's flag football as a varsity sport at the two-year college level is yet another historic achievement for women's collegiate sports," NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said. "We are excited to partner with the NJCAA in providing the opportunity for female student athletes to experience the tremendous values, life benefits, and competition that comes with playing football."
Competition is set to begin in the spring of 2022, with NJCAA members having the opportunity to compete against other members. RCX, the official operating partner of NFL FLAG, will aid the NJCAA in developing a framework of the sport within the women's flag industry and manage invitational events. Full sport status and a national championship will come about with the increase of participating schools. 
"For so many young girls in flag football, the idea of playing the game they love in college has seemed like an impossible dream," Izell Reese, executive director of NFL FLAG and general manager of RCX, said. "RCX and NFL FLAG have been working hard to make that dream a reality and we're proud to work with the NJCAA to help create a viable path for female athletes to potentially earn a scholarship to complete at the collegiate level and earn a degree."



Season Dates: 08/08/2021 to 09/05/2021


Season Dates: 08/08/2021 to 09/12/2021

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